Lawn Care Services

Bring Your Lawn Back To Life

Now that spring is on its way in Connecticut, lawn care is on the forefront of all homeowners’ minds. The past winter was a brutal one, and more likely than not, snow removal was the biggest lawn-related problem most homeowners had to contend with. Fortunately, spring in Connecticut means melting snow, and melting snow means the ability to bring your lawn back to life.

Where To Begin

The main question homeowners face when dealing with lawn care at the beginning of spring is where to begin. In truth, it depends on the state of your lawn. While most lawns will require immediate grass cutting, trimming, and edging, others might require geese control, or dealing with weeds. New lawns will require seeding and fertilizing, but fortunately, determining the state of your lawn after a brutal winter is a fairly easy task for licensed professionals.

Rejuvenating Your Lawn

If you have a mature lawn, mature meaning it was been seeded and fertilized and grows at a standard rate, there is a basic routine professionals will be able to follow in order to rejuvenate your lawn. First, they will determine if your grass needs aerating. Aerating is the process by which small holes are perforated into your lawn in order to allow essential nutrients and moisture into the roots. The best time to aerate your lawn is in the early spring when the ground is cooler than it is in other seasons, so if your lawn is dried out, professionals will recommend aerating the lawn before proceeding with other services. Fertilizing the lawn is also essential for mature lawns, as well as newer lawns, because the winter leaves lawns in need of unattainable nutrients.

The Lawn Care Routine

From there, the lawn care routine becomes more recognizable. Professionals will, of course, perform the essential grass cutting and trimming in order to bring their lawns back to life. Weeds must also be dealt with, either by hand or by lawn-friendly chemicals; the choice is entirely up to the homeowner. Geese control is often a problem homeowners must face in the spring, but professionals know exactly how to implement animal-friendly lawn treatments that repel the fowl in order to remedy the problem.

Seeding And Re-seeding

Newer lawns or mature lawns with patches can benefit from seeding or re-seeding this time of year. Now, although the most efficient time of year for seeding a lawn is in the fall, a spring re-seeding can result in a lush, green landscape. After you have completed all of the previous steps, edging your lawn may be a necessary task. To do so is not difficult in the least bit and often takes very little time. Determine whether or not edging is necessary by tracing the perimeter of your lawn and checking for overgrowth.

Why Hire Professionals

Rejuvenating your lawn after a long winter might seem a daunting task at first, but licensed professionals know exactly what to do. These professionals care for your lawn as if it were their own, and the results are stunning. In the spring, you rarely have the time necessary to maintain your lawn, and professionals understand that fact. Companies takes less time than one might imagine to restore your lawn, and with scheduled, routine care, your lawn will continue to look lush and flawless throughout the seasons.

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