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Landscaping Services

Are you looking for landscaping services in Connecticut? We offer full-service landscaping that involves planting and fertilizing your trees, bushes, shrubs and grass as well as applying top soil, building retaining walls and ponds and designing flower and plant beds and water gardens.


Are you tired of your boring backyard, crab grass and sections of dead grass? We can help. We offer complete landscaping design and lawn repair services. Our landscapers will work with you to create the outdoor area and backyard of your dreams so that you can thoroughly enjoy the spring, summer and fall with your family and friends.

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If your lawn is beyond repair or full of a grass you do not like, we can seed or lay an entirely new lawn, using the grass of your choice.

Grass and Trees

To ensure optimal beauty, grass, trees and plants need to be properly maintained, fertilized and mulched. We cut, fertilize and tend all types of grass and trees. We even pick up dead and fallen branches and remove leaves, and we apply mulch to landscaped areas to help your soil retain its moisture.

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Flower Beds

Flower beds add color and provide focal points in your yard. Popular flowers in Connecticut include, Alexanders, Asters, Columbines, Bearberries, Marigolds, Geraniums and Cardinals. 


We can create garden blueprints and implement and maintain your beds by deterring weed growth, applying a rich organic top soil with fertilizer and covering the bed with a beautiful mulch that will help retain moisture in the soil and ensure that your flowers thrive. We can even help you choose the perfect flowers that will compliment your home and yard.



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