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Spring and Fall Clean-ups

Yard maintenance is one of those chores that many people keep putting off until things have gotten completely out of hand. However, it you are lucky enough to have a yard, you owe it to yourself to keep it properly maintained and looking great. This can be more difficult if you have a particularly large yard with many trees. However, if you hire a team of professional landscapers to do the job, you can save yourself the backbreaking labor of doing it yourself. You will also reap the benefits of having a yard that all of your neighbors are jealous of.

Leaf Removal

Leaf removal is another important thing that you must consider in the fall. If leaves are left covering your lawn all winter, they will prevent the sun from making contact with your grass once winter has finally come to an end. If you neglect to have your leaves removed, it is very possible that the portions of your lawn that are covered with leaves could die. This will result in ugly brown patches on your lawn that will need to be replanted. If you want to avoid this nightmare, have your leaves removed as soon as they fall.





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